Logan Pichardo

Logan was born premature at 29 weeks, healthy and strong. Unfortunately, at ten days old, Logan needed increased respiratory support and became lethargic. The hospital had suggested a lumbar puncture to rule out meningitis. The next day Logan had stopped moving completely from the neck down. Over the next few days, Logan had received a total of five lumbar punctures and doctors continued to treat him for meningitis. After receiving an MRI, they saw that there was a spinal abscess that was compressing his spinal cord from his cervical spine down to his sacrum, leaving him quadriplegic. He received emergency spinal surgery (spinal decompression laminectomy) at 17 days old. After four months in the NICU and four months in St. Mary’s children’s hospital, Logan finally went home. After extensive research, Logan’s parents found a medical procedure that showed good outcomes for restoring muscle function. Of course, the procedure is expensive. We were happy to help Logan’s family with their enormous medical bills to help Logan receive this procedure. As of two months ago, Logan is beginning to show some resistance in his arms! We wish him all the luck!!

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